The company was founded by a group of contractors that worked for various local and national alarm companies in the Omaha/Lincoln metro area. We became so dissatisfied with the lack of administration, service that was given to the customers of these companies. The last thing you ever want to do is call a customer from the leading alarm company in the world and tell them sorry, you must pay a ridiculous large amount of money to get something fixed. Or have to wait until the company you are working for is ready to supply you with the equipment that is needed to fix it.

When we started, years ago in the middle 90s in the alarm industry, it was about taking care of the customer first. At the time this general rule was spread thru out the industry. Now days, the majority of the companies care more about the bottom dollar then they do about taking care of the customer.

Ever called somebody from a service company, and scheduled a time, and no one showed up? Ever try to call someone for service and get a call center in India, or worse, get an answering machine and no call backs. We here offer the best in service because like you, we understand that your time is extremely valuable to you. Thatís why we offer the service guarantee, the best in the alarm industry. Our staff will schedule a time with you, and if no one shows up within the first 30 minutes of the appointment, you get your service call AND a month of monitoring absolutely free! That is our commitment to service, its more than a motto, itís just part of the reason we are the next generation in alarm and communication services.

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