Apex Alarm Systems, was established with the idea that Southeastern Wisconsin would benefit from a alarm firm that concentrated on the local requirements of its clients without sacrificing experience, commitment, and professionalism. Based in Kenosha we currently have extensive relationships with local business and the surrounding communities which allow us to better understand the electronic security issues, financial concerns, and business climate of our unique area.

Contact Details

  City Kenosha , WI
  Zip Code 53143
  Address 6321 23rd Avenue
  Phone Number (262) 925-8444

  • I would not recommend this business
  • System worked pretty well!
  • Disreputable business practices, avoid or keep your head on a swivel!

Unfortunately, this is a very bad review. I say unfortunately because they actually did a good job for us when we had their service for over 4 years. The problem appeared when we sold our home and attempted to discontinue service.

While we had signed a 1 year contract with Apex Alarm Systems and happily used their service for over 4 years, when we called to discontinue service they claimed that the contract was still in force and we would have to pay for 6 additional months of monitoring that we would not actually be using. They based their claim on an automatically renewing contract...something which, we've since learned, is apparently the stuff of unscrupulous health clubs and other membership type scams.

The owner of Apex Alarm Systems did offer, out of the kindness of his heart, to forgive the debt if we allowed him to come into our home and retrieve some parts from the system, which we agreed to do. The appointment was set, we were standing by, and nobody ever showed up. The sold house closed a week or so later and we moved on.

Several weeks after this, a bill came to our new address which showed that the tech was dispatched on the wrong day, if at all. We called the owner and spoke with him in an effort to come to a reasonable agreement, with no success. We finally realized that Apex Alarm Systems never had an intention of coming into our house to take back the (now used) parts...which are probably worth $20. They really just wanted to hassle us until we paid them the money so that we could move on with our lives.

As it stands now, they have hired a collection agency to ding our credit report, and we have hired an attorney. I would rather pay the attorney ten times the amount this con man says we owe him. Probably not the smart thing to do...that would have been to run the other way when we saw him coming. I STRONGLY recommend to anyone reading this to RUN AWAY from Apex Alarm Systems in Kenosha, WI. At the very minimum, read the fine print and refuse to sign an automatically renewing contract with Apex Alarm Systems in Kenosha Wisconsin or anyone for that matter.

Value for moneyWas somewhat more expensive than others companies!
Service & supportThey were somewhat responsive to alarm issues!
QualityNot the latest technology, but seemed to work okay!
LocationIt's in Kenosha
Overall ratingFair