The RFID technology is it's own network, eliminating Wifi & Zigbee as it it uses the ISM frequncy bands which are free to the public. Perfect for hospitals, harbors, properties along the waterfront and construction sites, municipality assets, power substations, critical infrastructure, police stations and repair facilities, and movie production facilities that span hundreds of acres. Also, when combined with the IR laser towers, the system is perfect for roadway animal detection to eliminate striking large game animals on the highways and roads.

The systems are easily installed and the network is established in just over a minute. Tracking of any asset is accomplished as the tags begin to move. The video is accomplished with cameras as small as 2.5mm x 2.5mm and are triggered when movement begins. The real time information is transmitted throughout a self healing network that can not experience packet collisions as does WIFI, so no rebooting and the asset is monitored continuously.

Additional capabilities of monitoring temprature, humidity, pressure and any other physical property desired can be integrated into the tags being used. If someone attempt to tamper with the system, an alert is sent and the signals are re-routed thru other cells, so C-LAN is self healing and it provides a reliable situational awareness of items being tracked.

No other technology exists on the market today that compares for the cost. Easy to install, easy to operate, reliable and robust!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • The Only Wireless Event Triggered Active Rfid Tag Technology That Is Its Own Network
  • With The Ir Laser Beam Detection Towers
  • The Perimeter, You Can See Live Video And Pictures

Serviced Areas

  • International, Domestic USA

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