We are a leading security company that specializes in video surveillance systems, installations and support. Our emphasis is on providing quality security products you can depend on at a cost you can afford. We only partner with reputable CCTV manufacturers and security system suppliers. This results in the greatest degree of confidence in the products and services we offer.
ESP CCTV Provides Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions for Fort Myers'

It is our #1 goal to provide Fort Myers with the very best CCTV security cameras and Live video monitoring services available.
ESP values its relationships with employees, customers, business partners, and strives only to strengthen them.
We are making new improvements to our services and partner programs day to day to provide: better customer service, faster operations, best product line on the CCTV market, and best support in Fort Myers.
ESP maintains an extensive nationwide network of authorized ESP CCTV dealers to serve you.
Our extensive training program ensures that our authorized dealers are competent in integrating our technologies and educating their resellers and/or customers as well.
We can install, set-up, and maintain your CCTV security cameras anywhere you need to see. From Fort Myers to Boston, Dallas to LA, or Hartford to Chicago, ESP CCTV has you covered.

CCTV Security Cameras - Network IP Security Cameras

Cams) provide software that allows the cameras image to viewed in client software or a web browser. In some cases, IP security cameras also include microphones so you can hear not just see.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Nationwide Security Camera Installation Company
  • LEAP - Law Enforcement Awareness Program
  • Video Cloud Storage
  • CCTV Dealer Program
  • ESP System Care Plan - 24 x 7 Support

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Over 20 years in Business - -
  • Nationwide CCTV Service Provider
  • Provide our Own ESP Brand Products
  • Lifetime Warranty Available
  • Host and service our own video storage cloud. No 3rd party hosting like most other providers...
  • Offer very affordable but competitive pricing on all our products and services.

Serviced Areas

  • Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Ny, Chicago, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, Discover, Financing Available, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, VISA

Contact Details

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  City Fort Myers, FL
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  Address 6900-29 Daniels Pkwy., Suite 312
  Phone Number 1.800.446.8377
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Enhanced Surveillance Protection

Enhanced Surveillance Protection - ESP CCTV
Nationwide video surveillance system installation company
HD security cameras and NVR

Products & Services

Video Camera Security and Monitoring Services Fort Myers Florida

Video Camera Security and Monitoring Services Fort Myers Florida

What we can do for you:

Whether you are around the corner at work or across the globe, we have a system that will always keep you close to home. Keep in touch with friends, family or view anything you like from anywhere in the world.

We take care of everything from supplying all the necessary video surveillance equipment to installing and programming the DVR onto your network. Cameras can be installed almost anywhere you like indoors and out. We may even be able to integrate your existing surveillance equipment to our security system.

We offer many different types of CCTV security cameras for any environment. If you want it, we have it. Our qualified CCTV technicians will provide service and support nation-wide on all ESP video surveillance systems. In addition to our outstanding CCTV service, we also offer nation wide phone & data network cabling if ever you need us.

Want us to Monitor your Security Cameras Live?

Want us to Monitor your Security Cameras Live?

We can monitor your camera system 24 hours a day or on a set schedule.
We notify Police and other proper authorities the moment a situation occurs.
We are notified instantly if there is a system failure such as a video lost or internet connectivity issues.

Eliminate costly, false intrusion alarms and police dispatch.
Reduce the risk of losing what matters to you most.
Let us be your extra set of eyes.

Megapixel IP Security Camera Review ~The Future of CCTV~ Fort Myers Fl

Megapixel IP Security Camera Review ~The Future of CCTV~ Fort Myers Fl

Use of existing Network Infrastructure.
Do your premises have existing Computer Networks (LAN Local Area Network) installed? If yes - then the installation of an IP Security Camera System might even work out less expensive. Instead of running distances of coaxial and power-cable, only very short runs of affordable Cat V or Cat VI to the closest Network-Data-Points are necessary.

Reduced Cabling Costs
Even if the installation of a LAN should be needed at your projects location, the installation is in-expensive compared to massive coaxial runs.

Sometimes many IP Cameras are in one general area. These can all be connected to a Network-Switch. The Switch only requires one (1) Cat V Cable connection to your Recording Device. Previous Analogue CCTV Systems required a coaxial connection from every single CCTV Camera back to the DVR.

Convert Analog CCTV to IP CCTV - Hybrid CCTV Systems
Moving away from your current fully installed standard CCTV System on to IP Security Cameras might be most cost-effectively accomplished, utilizing a Hybrid CCTV System. These can host a multitude of IP Cameras and provide advanced features like Megapixel recording, video analytic and camera intelligence. At the same time Hybrid CCTV Systems will also provide ports to connect you existing analogue cameras.

Video Systems Installed & Serviced by ESP Fort Myers Fl

Geovsion DVR
Video Systems Installed & Serviced by ESP Fort Myers Fl

Enhanced Surveillance Protection (ESP) is a nation wide leader in the CCTV market with its full range of solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. We provide a complete line of Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders, Hybrid Video Recorders, and Storage Solutions, enabling the deployment of a truly converged surveillance infrastructure.

ESP maintains an extensive network of Dealers throughout the continent of US. If your organization is involved in the CCTV technology field, you can join our Partner Program and enjoy its full benefits:

Provide your customers with full ESP surveillance capabilities that will increase reliability of security systems and provide complete situational awareness.

ESP values its relationships with business partners and strives to only strengthen them. Our extensive training program ensures that our dealers are competent in integrating our technologies and educating their resellers as well. We are making new improvements to our partner programs day to day: better customer service, faster operations, best product line on the market and best support. All that to bring you the best partner program in the industry.

Surveillance Consulting Services
Live Video Monitoring and Service via the Web
Structured Cabling
Security Camera Installations
Voice Over IP
Internet & Phone Sales & Service
Virtual Online PBX Solutions
Web Sight Design and Hosting
CCTV Video Camera Sales and Support.

Promotions & Discounts

Get a FREE 4MP ESP L. E. A. P Camera Today!

Get a FREE 4MP ESP L. E. A. P Camera Today!

LEAP - Law Enforcement Awareness Program
Includes 30 Day Video Cloud Storage &
Video Surveillance System Mobile App.

Law Enforcement Awareness Program
Support your local Police and community by joining L. E. A. P and get a free HD security camera.

L. E. A. P provides law enforcement agencies situational awareness and a way to effectively monitor traffic, intersections, sidewalks, and other public areas.

ESP offers nationwide home and business CCTV installation and video cloud storage. Many of our customers are happy to contribute to their communities safety and share designated cameras with authorities.

Combined with our off-site video storage cloud and HD security cameras, L. E. A. P offers authorities access to recorded video and live security cameras from around the country.

If your local municipality requires authorities to have access to CCTV systems installed in your district, we have the solution for you.

*Coming Soon / Under Development
L. E. A. P will soon integrate with mobile bodycams and dashcams.
Monitor street cams, bodycams and dashcams “Live” from your computer or mobile device.

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