EyeSpyPro provides cutting edge Spy Gear & Video Surveillance Solutions for Law Enforcement, PI's, or people just like you who have a problem they need help with it.

Our focus is on protecting your property against punks that want to destroy it, and privacy from criminals, voyeurs, and thieves that want access to it. We have the tools to help you discover if a spouse or partner is unfaithful, a child or employee is up to no good on the computer, car or company vehicle, or a mobile phone. For Law Enforcement or PI's, we help you catch a suspect or criminal doing an illegal act.

You can find a variety of hi-tech products for performing visual and audio field surveillance, counter-surveillance, and detecting if a vehicle has been moved in or out of certain area.

You will always find the latest video surveillance systems to watch your home, apartment, nanny, granny, work, or business using digital video recorders, and high quality CCTV and IP cameras.

We can help you set up a single camera video system to watch the driveway or your car, all the way to 250+casino grade surveillance systems for your home, business, church, office, or apartment. We can help with installation anywhere in the USA.

We offer a video hosting service, where we support the recording offsite, and you can view anytime online or your smart phone. You don't have to buy expensive recording equipment, and it's a great 1-4 camera option, depending on your bandwidth.

Our fleet tracking service lets you have complete control over your companies vehicles with comprehensive online reporting to monitor the driver, how he drives, where he goes, the fuel level, temperature in the cargo area, as well as iButton and ignition kill switches.

Our speciality is either to watch your Nanny or your parents caregivers with every day consumer electronics that contain a hidden camera and SD card recorder, or set up easy to use 1-4 camera wireless systems that do a great job for a great price.

We have many different 1 camera, self-contained systems, for watching offices, bedrooms, or any room you want to put a camera that won't be detected.

Find the latest Spy Pens, Spy Watches, and other high tech spy gadgets to satisfy your inner geek.

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  • Our primary focus is spy gear, spy gadgets, surveillance, and counter-surveillance products.

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  • We ship world wide

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  City Richardson, TX
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Christopher Winkler


I enjoy running our two online stores, as well as taking time off to be with my wife, Mindy. We enjoy traveling, visiting new places, and good time with friends. I like to write articles, and create videos about our products to help you decide if they will fill your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Testimonials

After purchasing the Touch Lamp hidden camera, at some point everyone living with me has helped themselves to things I have bought. Little issues not worth creating a stink about. And I have watched them do it. I save the videos for the future and here is why.

The person who I caught and put on the street 4 months ago when you sent me the lamp back, filed a criminal report against me at the court here. He tried to say I stole from him and he said I robbed him of a laptop and 500 dollars. The court informed me of the case and invited me in to do their investigation. I went, no problem.

I showed them the videos of him robbing me and I have never heard another word about it. I assume they told him if he wished to pursue his case against me which was lies. Then he would be the one going to jail. Costa Rica!!!

I love it here but it has its cultural differences. It was good to hear from you again. Have a great day.

I am a private investigator, and when I was first starting out, I was looking for good quality spy gear to meet my budget. I found EyeSpyPro.com early 2010, and started ordering Passive GPS Loggers, which save me a ton of time and money since I no longer have to perform actual surveillance on a suspect. I can see where someone goes, at what speed, and how long they stayed there, which helps me gather the evidence I need.

As my firm grew, I started ordering more and more sophisticated spy gear from EyeSpyPro, like spy cameras or covert audio recorders that was always high quality, and did the job they said it would. This has allowed me to increase my fees, resulting in more profit and growth. I thoroughly enjoy talking to Chris Winkler on the phone, and even though he is hundreds of miles away, it feels like he is right there. He is always able to suggest what will work for what I am trying to do, and I refuse to give my business to any other company. EyeSpyPro.com has earned my business for life, and they are the first company that I think of when I need a new spy gadget or GPS tracker. Thanks, and I'll be ordering from you again!

Thanks for your patience and help. All is working well. I'll be in touch in the future when I need more equipment. Thanks again.