In the ever evolving world of business, what is true today may not have been true yesterday. Gane Security Solutions is an independent safety and security consulting firm providing a complete array of management and technical consulting, training services, and investigative services for our customers to cost effectively, strategically and practically plan and evolve your safety and security programs.

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  City Saint Joseph, MI
  Zip Code 49085
  Address 2560 South Cleveland Avenue
  Phone Number (269) 982-2810

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We serve clients throughout the United States, North America, Europe and Asia. Please call or write if you have any questions or would like to discuss our services in more depth. Scott Gane is the president of Gane Security Solutions, LLC a full service security and safety consulting firm serving commercial and industrial enterprises. Gane Security Solutions provides a full range of investigative and strategic consulting services. The company provides security risk and threat analysis; physical security systems design, and it supports employment screening as well as workplace violence reduction efforts.

For businesses of all sizes, knowing how to protect yourself, your employees and your property is critical. In a time when anything can (and does) happen, we should all be prepared to handle any situation. This takes real awareness of benefits of planning and the diligence to complete the task. What is a typical client? We are often asked this question and since no situation is the same or typical, there are no "typical clients". Contact us to determine if we can assist in providing a solution for you.