I-Tech Security is a systems design, consulting and integration firm based in Long Island, New York. We specialize is in the custom design, installation, integration and service of security and data communications systems. We are fully licensed and insured. I-Tech Security makes it possible to design a custom security camera system that will meet both your demands and budget. We use only state-of-the-art components and our custom systems offer the versatility to adapt to all your monitoring needs.

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Products & Services

Access Control Systems

Starting at $999 for 1 Door

Access control restricts how and when people enter or exit an area. Individual security needs will determine how that is accomplished. Access Control Systems monitor people or vehicles in a restricted area and identify individuals through the use of coded keys, magnetic cards, or biometric readers which include hand, face, voice, finger of retina readers. These systems are used in many businesses, hotels and apartment complexes.

Access control systems allow you to control who goes where, and documents where and when an area is approached. This types of control systems can automatically lock or unlock doors at designated times and restrict access to individuals who are authorized to be there. Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility, This technology is a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar and fire systems, which creates a comprehensive security solution.

Alarm Systems

Starting at $600

The fundamental premise of an alarm system is a simple one: monitor for a specific activity, and, when it occurs, perform a particular action in response. Burglar alarms, for example, can monitor the state of doors or windows, and activate a siren when they are opened. Even sophisticated systems with unique triggers such as basement flooding, and complex response capabilities such as notifying a remote monitoring system, operate on this same basic trigger-response model.

Alarm systems designed to monitor a physical location will generally have sensors monitoring two main areas: the perimeter and the interior. Perimeter monitoring entails sensors that detect changes at the points of entry into a home, such as the opening and closing of doors or windows. Properly equipped alarm systems can even detect the breaking of the glass in a window. There are times, however, when an intruder may bypass perimeter alarms, and it is then that interior sensors become necessary as they monitor for activity within the property. Both good perimeter and interior sensors will be found in a good home alarm system.

There are a few components to home alarm systems that are very common. The control panel is the main hub of the whole system, and where remote connections to monitoring stations through either phone line, broadband, or cellular signal are maintained. Keypads provide additional locations throughout the premises where one can control the system. Window and door sensors utilize magnetic switches to monitor the opening and closing of individual doors and windows. Motion sensors monitor areas by sensing the changes in infrared energy produced by an intruder.

In addition to the basic components, extra types of security and accident-prevention monitoring can be added to an alarm system. Smoke detectors, especially when paired with monitored service, can drastically reduce firefighter response times in the event of a fire. Flood sensors in the basement can alert to leaky pipes. Freeze sensors can help avoid frozen and burst pipes. Carbon monoxide detectors can provide protection and peace of mind. Medical emergency "panic" buttons can summon an ambulance at the first sign of trouble when seconds can count. Glass break detectors and pressure mats for use under rugs can provide an even more impenetrable defense against intruders.

One example of the benefits of a monitored alarm system can be seen in the procedures for processing an intrusion alarm. After the alarm is triggered, there is usually a short delay allowing the alarm to be disarmed. If the alarm isn't properly deactivated in this time, then a signal is sent to the remote monitoring station. The representative at the station then attempts to contact the premises to determine if the alarm is false. If the monitoring service determines that the alarm is legitimate, the police are notified immediately. This automatic response procedure is in effect 24 hours a day whether you are home or not. In the case of accidents, this can prove invaluable - a siren alone will do little good if a fire breaks out in your home while you are away.

A complete home security strategy includes more than just an alarm system; even with an alarm going off, a thief can still enter your property and quickly take some items before there is time for authorities to respond. There is no substitute for good physical security. This includes sturdy exterior doors, window grills or bars, and good locks on all windows and doors. There is also no substitute for good security habits - forgetting to lock a lock is no different than not having a lock at all. A good physical home security when implemented with even the most basic of alarm systems is a powerful deterrent against intruders, and can provide much peace of mind.

Security Camera Systems

Starting at $999 for 4 Camera Systems

You can't be everywhere at once, but your I-Tech video surveillance system can. I-Tech surveillance systems provide outstanding image clarity, powerful and easy-to-use features, and simplified access to live and stored video.

In addition to providing a visual record of incidents at your home or business, the presence of surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent. All of our systems come equipped with remote video surveillance, which lets you can keep an eye on your home or business no matter where you are, even on the road from you iPhone, Blackberry or Android Phone.

Professional design, expert installation, and dependable service: It's what makes I-Tech Security New York's premier digital video surveillance systems provider.

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Searched for the right company to install IP security cameras in my business. Saw many security companies that claimed they could get the job done, but fell short in proving that to me. I-Tech Security was one of only a few companies that I felt had the ability to actually do the job right. They were able to explain in detail exactly what they were going to do and NOT destroy my existing IT network. I-Tech was the only company that was able to show me a demonstration of their IP camera system right in my office. Other companies couldn't give me many references of similar systems. I was impressed with their portfolio; Kellenberg HS, Chaminade HS, Long Beach Police Dept., Skanska, Great Neck Synagogue and many more. They delivered as promised and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

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