Manufacture, measure and install alarm screens and sliding doors. We offer the most "natural" way to protect a home. They look like any high quality, fiberglass screen, but their detective duty is disguised. Plug in your security system, and they activate an alarm if your screens are tampered with from the outside. Imperial Alarm Screens have proven effective in scaring off would-be intruders before they even break a window. And that lets you breathe easy.

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  • Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

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  Person Abel Gavia
  City Anaheim, CA
  Zip Code 92376
  Address 1215 N. Red Gum St. Suite G
  Phone Number (714) 630-5500
  Mobile 909-746-7598
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Abel Gavia

Operations Manager

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Alarm Screens & Doors

No other security device can guard louvered windows as well. Or any window. Our screens are custom made to fit even the odd-shaped windows in your home. And, your windows will never look better. We've combined security with beauty. Our charcoal-colored screens accent windows. From the inside looking out, they're almost invisible - your view is virtually unobstructed. Yet they allow a free flow of light and air.

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