Investigators, Inc. is a total service agency, and has the capabilities to conduct the most complex investigation or respond to the simplest fact-finding request. The firm gets results through a highly trained and experienced staff of investigators and fact-finders. In addition to the specific categories listed, the agency can investigate matters of any special nature, according to the needs of our clients. Investigators, Inc. can maximize your potential for success by providing the best information.

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  City Miami, FL
  Phone Number (305) 892-0925

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For over 5 decades, Investigators, Inc. has been providing all-inclusive investigative services to a wide variety of clientele throughout the nation and internationally. Established in 1955 and headquartered in Miami, FL, Investigators, Inc. is the oldest licensed investigative agency in the state. Investigators, Inc. continues to set the standard for today's investigative industry and is one of the most reputable & respected, family-owned private investigative agencies in the State of Florida.

We conduct private investigations all around the USA and internationally. We have extensive private investigation experience in Miami, South Beach, Tampa, Naples, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and Jacksonville.

Investigators, Inc.'s private investigators are the ultimate fact-finders for the Legal community. We procure the most pertinent and important facts for most legal issues. Private investigators are experts at discovering and securing evidence which may be extremely useful during legal proceedings. They can also act as process servers, locate witnesses and provide numerous other vital services needed for court proceedings. Professional investigators can also act as expert witnesses on your behalf, providing testimony which will enhance your case and provide a compelling argument to award you the desired verdict.