For over a decade, owner Peter Mason has been working in New Hampshire in all fields of the alarm business as an employee, sub-contractor, third party consultant, and finally small business owner.

Prior to 2000, Peter served 8 years with the NH Army National Guard followed by another 8 years with the U.S. Coast Guard as a Telecommunications Technician and Drug Enforcement Boarding Officer. In early 2000, Peter applied his military service and electronics skills to the public sector. Ever since, he has worked throughout New Hampshire educating businesses and home owners about emerging security technologies.

What makes Mason Alarms and Electrical different? We are proud to offer quality custom video surveillance & security alarm systems as well as business fire alarm products. Our professionals are encouraged to provide the best experience possible for our customers. Afterall, our clients are also our friends and neighbors.

At Mason Alarms and Electrical, we try to find affordable solutions with only the level of protection people need. This is customization. However, there are firms that demand huge and unreasonable quotes for services. And oftentimes, the high prices are followed by poor service. Systems that are scaled properly to each personal situation maximize the allowable budget.

A Lifetime Warranty is standard with our residential systems.

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Peter Mason


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Home security

Home security

It takes experience and expertise to make a comprehensive home security system. Home owners who try to design home security systems for themselves often leave gaps in the coverage areas and do not have a broad enough knowledge of the security products available to conceive and create an effective system. When a home owner hires an expert security company and charges them with designing and implementing a system to keep their family and assets safe, they will really begin to see the scope of home security products and systems that are available.

The first step in designing an effective home security system is the consultation. Trained security experts will arrive to your home or business in order to get a clear understanding of your individual needs. Next, the security expert will carefully study the premises, returning at a later date with recommendations for creating an effective system for the home. The security professional will answer the home owner's questions about why certain systems are recommended, how long they will take to be installed, the cost of the different systems and any other issues or concerns the home owner may have.

Each home has unique security requirements based upon its layout and assets. The region of the country, kind of neighborhood, and general risk assessment should be considered. It's important to employ skilled professionals to design, install, and monitor your home security system. A system that is adequate for a friend in another type of home, or region of the country, may not neccessarily be as effective for a home in New England.

Video Surveillance

There are lots of different reasons a homeowner should consider a video surveillance system; the safety net it provides for an elderly parent either living with you, or simply visiting, pets who must be left alone, and added security while you are away on vacation. With a home video surveillance system, the homeowner will be able to monitor activity within the home in their absence. See Napco Isee Video for a demonstration of our remote cameras, LIVE. Contact Mason Alarms and Electrical to bring video to your smartphone, Iphone, Droid, etc.

With high grade outdoor cameras, even outside activities can be monitored. This is especially comforting for Mothers at home alone, or kids returning from school. For neighborhoods with frequent break-ins, unwanted house guests, or concern for children at home with a new babysitter, video is a great way to see what is going on. And now the rates of such technology have never been more affordable!

Homeowners will not only see the different activities going on with their family, and also unwanted guests, but will have it all on tape. For a babysitter or rebelling teen that steps out of line, video evidence proves their guilt. Instead of suspecting otherwise innocent people, you can quickly confront the guilty.

Monitoring Service

Mason Alarms and Electrical monitors their systems through Centra-larm Monitoring Company in Manchester, NH. We are proud to support New Hampshire businesses every chance we can get. If you are presently being monitored by either an out-of-state firm, or worse, over-seas, please consider changing your service provider. Call (603) 393-7645.

Our monitoring rates are competitive and fair to our customers. New clients converting from an out-of-state monitoring service for their security or fire alarm systems get a 10% discount off the first year monitoring fee.

We will not convert any existing system with a legitimate past due balance under their current service provider.

Customer Testimonials

I want to thank you for working with me to install my driveway alert sensor. At first, I was skeptical about how much it would cost. But you got it installed and working within my budget which was $225.00. I know someone who payed alot more for their alert system and it keeps failing. I'm giving your name to them if that's alright, and I'm sure they will call you. Thanks again, Peter.

Mason Alarms did an outstanding job on installing our new alarm system. It was accomplished in a reasonable time and at an affordable price. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a new alarm system, or an old one to be updated, in our case.
Thank You Peter!

Mason Alarms was referred to me after a break-in at my house. I thought for sure when Peter came to talk to me about his recommendation after surveying my house he would probably try and get me to buy this extravagant system. Well I was wrong. He came up with a system that was reasonably priced. He also surveyed my outside lighting and recommended security lighting. The unit that was worth the money was the security light with the camera. It's nice to know that if you think someone might have been around your house you can see when and who. Sure it was a little more than a regular security light but in my opinion worth every penny.
Customer service is top notch. Peter was there every time I had a problem. Because of his professionalism and work ethic I'm having him come back to upgrade my system to include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I highly recommend Mason Alarms if you're thinking about a security system. Thank you again Peter.

We hired Mason Alarms & Electrical to update and manage our home security system. Peter Mason, the owner of the company, did an excellent job. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and took the extra time to work with us to develop a custom solution for our exact needs. I can recommend Mason Alarms for all your fire and security system needs without hesitation!

Mason Alarms installed my first security system. They're very knowledgeable, as you certainly want a company that works in this capacity to be.They were courteous and took the time to make sure I fully understood how to use my system effectively, which I appreciated. They check back with me annually to see how the system is working, and the couple of times I inadvertently set off the system myself, they followed up quickly to make sure everything was alright. I will add that their company associates are also knowledgeable and courteous. Their customer service is excellent. I have no reservations recommending this company for someone's security needs.

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