With the growing population of fake and unscrupulous locksmiths, the people have been meticulous and doubtful about each and every locksmith service providers they’ve come through. That is why it is hard for good locksmiths to attract lots of clients. However, clients always set a certain standard when they are looking for a potential locksmith service provider. When talking potential locksmiths, Locksmith Oceanside CA have them all. Our company is aware that lots of bogus locksmith service providers are lurking around; so we endeavored to set ourselves apart from them.

Being late was never in our agenda, so expect Oceanside locksmith to arrive within a short period of time. Our company doesn’t want our customers to wait in thin air with a challenging situation on hand. We are always early at arriving in your place. Unless your location is situated in the suburbs, expect us to be there in less than an hour. Whenever you needed our locksmith services, you can contact us at our telephone number that is available for your reach any time you’d call.

Once you contact us, we immediately respond by going to your place with the appropriate tools and strategies to solve any of your locksmith problems. You can avoid the stress and annoying feelings brought by a lockout situation if you allow us to assist you with it. Give yourself a favor and prevent any bogus locksmith service providers from reaching you by choosing us to aid you with our top-notch, reliable, and trusted services. We offer an affordable price list for any type of locksmith services and you will surely have the best value for your money. Avoid wasting time and bogus locksmiths, call us now and let us know how we can help you.

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  City Oceanside, CA
  Phone Number (760) 706-0078

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The security and protection of homeowners is a big priority for Red Lock and Key. That is why we offer various home locksmith services Oceanside that is suited to their needs.
There are days when people forget or misplace their home keys and need help getting inside their own homes. At times like these, Red Lock and Key locksmiths are on-call to help residents. We assist in an emergency lockout, which is the locksmith service Oceanside that we most commonly get from homeowners. In an emergency, we are able to open any type of residential locks such as door knob locks, dead bolt locks and even high security locks. We can also work with any type of lock brand specifically made for residential doors.


Grade 1 Lock Installation
Access Control Systems
Profile Cylinder Locks
Panic Bars
High Security Locks
Office Lockout
Commercial Safes
Heavy Duty Locks
Cabinet Locks
Keyless Entry System
Biometric Lock Install
Garage Lock
Commercial Lock & Key Change

Customer Testimonials

When I last picked my car up from the mechanic, I noticed that there were some shady people working there, and I had no idea if they had made copies of my key. What scared me the most was that they knew where I lived, so it would be too easy for them to steal my car. I realized I had to change the locks and ignition on my car before it was too late, so I called Red Lock And Key. They got to my house within a few minutes. The expert locksmith assigned to me was very professional, and it only took him about an hour to do everything. In the end, I was more than happy with the service I received, and you can count on me recommending them to my friends and family.

When my daughter announced that she would be coming back home to stay with me for a few days, I knew it would be a good idea to dig up the old family albums and get all nostalgic. Unfortunately, they were all in the attic, which was locked. Its key had been missing for the greater part of the last decade, so I was not about to start looking for it. I decided it would be worth a try to look for a locksmith. I found Red Lock And Key online and decided to give them a try. They arrived shortly after my call and the expert locksmith was able to open my attic door and change the lock within minutes. It is thanks to them that my daughter and I were able to look at old photos.

I run a boutique advertising agency, and we deal with a lot of sensitive client materials that cannot and should not fall into the hands of our competitors. Since I have recently been suspecting one of my employees of being a leak, I decided I needed to find a way to keep his activities around sensitive material to a minimum until I can gather enough evidence to fire him. I decided to install fingerprint locks in my office to keep him out of certain rooms. I would like to thank Red Lock And Key for installing the system in my office and for being very professional. The expert locksmith only took a few hours to install everything, meaning it did not disrupt our work day too much.