Some people may be in doubt about calling on companies like us to help them install their security systems. However. it is actually a wise decision to have such systems in place in order to avoid being a victim of various crimes.

With poverty and all the economic issues that are prevalent everywhere, thieves and criminals are multiplying, and so are threats, accidents, break-ins and deaths. In particular, incidents where people fight burglars end up dead. There are so many of these stories in the news. So what are you waiting for? Call us up and ensure the security and protection of your home.

At Servo Locksmith, we will certainly help you with every lock problem that you have, whether it is for commercial or residential establishments, or for vehicles. One such problem is with your key's transponder programming. This ensures that your vehicles are secured because a specific car will only be opened and accessed with the right programmed transponder key. Laser key cutting and key replacement services are offered for the older models of vehicles while remote key replacement and key cutting services provide extra assurance. Our locksmith services will surely help ensure that your home is protected.

If you encounter any lock problems, don't hesitate to call us. Our technicians will surely be there for you in a snap, prepared to aid you with their roun-the-clock remarkable service. We offer our services anywhere anytime.

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  Zip Code 92037
  Address 7632 Herschel Ave
  Phone Number (858) 247-1430

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With commercial premises being extra heavy because of their advanced systems, only trained operators can assist commercial clients. Luckily, we don't just have these experts, they are also equipped with highly developed technologies for securing those, biometric locks, heavy duty locks, access control systems, profile cylinder locks, and high security locks!
Fulfilling the maximum optimization of these equipment and talents will result in a very safe and secured business, enterprise or establishment wherever they may be in La Jolla.



Our service team of professionals can provide re-keying services, as well as duplication or key cutting services at a very reasonable price. We can also remove a broken lock from a door or a broken key from a lock. As well, we can fix simple lockouts. We can also go beyond and help provide your family with spare keys. We can even offer to consolidate your keys and for better security, we can install and update your locks for doors, windows, garage, and others extra measures; better futures.



Lost your car keys? Did you want a new one or an upgrade? Here in Servo Locksmith, we provide locksmith services La Jolla at the lowest possible prices! Experienced and inspired by our encounters with clients and their needs, we are not your ordinary locksmith service provider. We offer an extensive variety of solutions from as easy as key replacement to the most complicated car re-keying.

Customer Testimonials

The way this company works is really awesome. I am really impressed because the way they handle their customers is exceptional, as if we are family to them. Every time I call Servo Locksmith to help me out with my lock problems at home and with my car, they always make me feel that I am really a valued customer. For me, these kinds of companies are already rare these days as most companies think that people need them, so they tend to care for their clients less than they should. In addition, Servo Locksmith hotline number is very accessible. Their people are quick to respond as well as their actual locksmith service. I can assure you, you can never go wrong with this company

Yesterday's morning, I was cleaning inside my room and I found out that the lock of the window in my room was damaged. Then, my aunt called me, asking me if I can help her with his garden. I would love to go and help my aunt with her gardening, but I was thinking that leaving my window broken was a big risk. However, it was a great thing that Servo Locksmith is always ready to help anytime of the day. Just minutes after I called them, one of their locksmiths already arrived and fixed my broken window's lock amazingly fast. Because of that, I was still able to go to my aunt yesterday and helped her with her gardening. Thank you very much, Servo Locksmith!

Last week, I was opening my restaurant when I noticed that the front door's lock seemed to not properly work compared before. I was really worried because there are lots of valuable things inside my restaurant, and having a burglar sneaking into it would be a big disaster. Luckily, I did not lose anything in my restaurant; however, I had to act fast to prevent any bad things to happen to my beloved restaurant. So, I searched online and found about Servo Locksmith. I called them, and they were really quick to respond. They dispatched locksmiths right away to go to my restaurant's location. The locksmiths were really kind on telling me what the problem was and were really experts on locks. I will surely call them again in case I would be having problem at any locks at home or at my restaurant