Locksmith El Cajon CA provides different types of locksmith services that our customers can choose from. If you only have a limited budget on your pocket, there is nothing to worry because our services are very much affordable. In addition to that, Shark Locksmith is also dedicated to people as well as communities that we mainly serve. We want to become part when it comes to ensuring your safety and security because this is an effective way for us to earn your trust and loyalty. We mainly believe that our satisfied customers are the returning customers for our company.

Locksmith in El Cajon is looking forward to serve all our target and potential customers. We would strive in order for our services to become widely available to serve those who are in need of high quality locksmith service. So, what are you waiting for? This is now the best time to call us and expect that we would respond to you immediately. This is the only way for us to give back what we have now to all our loyal customers who are always there to support us in our journey to providing high quality locksmith services.

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  City El Cajon, CA
  Zip Code 92020
  Address 414 N Magnolia Ave
  Phone Number (619) 383-1821

Products & Services


If you always want to get what you pay for when it comes to commercial locksmith services, do not trust anyone but El Cajon Locksmith because we have what it takes to bring you satisfaction that would definitely meet your highest expectation. It is not easy to trust companies knowing that not all of them are after the quality of services that they provide. Commercial Locksmith El Cajon is your partner when it comes to finding excellent commercial locksmith services for the betterment of your business.


The residential services that they have focuses on the 24/7 Residential Locksmith El Cajon offers both for immediate or just a consultation service with their customer representatives. They can always bring the best locksmith solution in your place for they have expert staffs that will be bringing these excellent job in every homes. If you think your home is not getting the best security feature, the services that they have will be very much available to you. Aside from their skills and eligibility to work on the field for providing locksmith services that are always worth having for.


There is no other way but to hire for automotive services that expert of Car Locksmith El Cajon can only do. With your car that has problems on its locksmith, it is always them which deserve your trust for an automotive service. It is good thing that you can always take them to have the best car locksmith services for you. They can give the best services that your car should have to be able to maintain a car that is equipped with high safety and security features through locksmith El Cajon.

Customer Testimonials

I recommend this company for any service related with locks. With my own experience, I can say that your money will never be wasted. Through the efforts of the contractors, my loved ones are always safe inside our home. We always have a restful night due to the absence of worries that intruders may come. I am quite confident that we have durable locks and security system. There's no space for negative thinking like possible theft. With Locksmith, I feel safe on a daily basis. I won't ask for more as this firm offers a complete package. Everything will come according to your favor

I was amazed with the great services offered by Shark Locksmith. Due to the substandard services I encountered before, I tend not to trust a service provider again. The failures I observed made me hesitant to pass the responsibility of fixing locks to the professionals. Good thing, my friend told me about his satisfaction from availing installation and repairs from Locksmith. It is great to know that there is still a reputable firm that can meet my personal standards. My negative impression was replaced with a better perspective. I learned that the professionals are really competent than the regular customers?

I had a wonderful experience working with this service provider. When it comes to installation, repair, and emergency services, nothing can beat the positive qualities of Shark Locksmith. When the request reached the representative, a team will come to your location to fix whatever damage is there. All projects are done with the highest quality and impressive speed. It is evident that all contractors at this firm are suitable for their career. Even without asking them regarding the educational background and trainings, I am sure that they are all capable of doing their work. Regret will be out of your primary concerns