Soldier Security & Investigation Services military-style structure is based on our very own United States military. In both our operations and business ethics we employ the philosophies and codes of conduct of the Armed Forces. Not only is Soldier Security based on the same “lead-by-example from the top-down” structure, it holds each and every security guard or member to the same personal standards: being proactive, dedication, courtesy, bravery and highly-trained to accomplish the task.

Soldier Security has the capabilities to operate in any environment. We pride ourselves in the experience that is combined within our organization that makes us a driving force in the security industry. Our team is made of persons with national, private and public safety backgrounds as well as management skills. We have combined, over 80 years of past experience that will benefit our clients of today.

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  Person Soldier Security & Investigation
  City Baltimore, MD
  Zip Code 21206
  Address 6214 Frankford Ave.
  Phone Number (410) 235-0001

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Soldier Security, Inc. knows that there is a difference between "being safe" and "feeling safe". Safety requires that a proactive stance be taken to address security threats. Our approach to securing any area employs the philosophies and codes of conduct of the United States Military-in both our strategic model as well as our high standards for each individual soldier's personal commitment and mission approach. Our integrated security systems, which engage our clients in their own security prevention, increase not only the success rate of our crime prevention tactics, but also the feeling of security experienced by our clients.