You want local security monitoring. We deliver. All our clients' systems are monitored in Everett Washington at our UL certified central station. Sonitrol Pacific operators use audio or video technology to confirm an alarm is real (verify alarms). Verified alarms mean faster police response time, more criminals arrested and fewer false alarms. A security system designed, installed, monitored and serviced by Sonitrol Pacific can make for your bottom line.

Our experts verify an alarm before we call police using our technology to hear and see what is actually happening at your site in real time. Police arrive faster, with detailed information and catch the bad guys. We help you prevent loss by detecting threatening activity sooner than traditional alarm companies. Hear the difference of Sonitrol Pacific security for yourself.

Our services can be blended into a single, easy-to-use system that is monitored by highly trained professionals at Sonitrol Pacific's Operations Center in Everett, Washington. We can meet your immediate security needs with our modular approach to system design and easily expand services as you grow in the future. Sonitrol Pacific backs our systems with an performance, satisfaction, service and false-alarm guarantees.

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Products & Services

Video Surveillance Systems

Video is a perfect complement to Sonitrol's audio sensors. Together security cameras and video monitoring take your organization's security to a new level. Our intrusion systems give you ears, now SonaVision gives you eyes. The two systems work together to watch out for you. Talk to one of our Security Consultants in the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland or Boise areas today and see what SonaVision can do for you.

Access Control Systems

Managed access control, or keyless entry, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for you to increase security. You have more to worry about than burglars in the middle of the night; you need to protect your physical and intellectual property and reduce risks of workplace violence. Our access control allows you to track and restrict who goes where and when. This limits risk of internal theft and external threats. Controlled access gives you more oversight of your facility's activity while saving you money and time.