From among the locksmith services that Locksmith In Peoria AZ provides for the community of Peoria AZ, it is with residences that we receive the most number of call outs. We were able to respond to their needs for lock installation, lock repair, lock replacement or change, and many others. Most of them are concerned with the threats of burglary that is happening just to anyone. With our premium services, they were able to protect themselves from these people and more important, they were able to shield their families from possible harm. When it comes to calls from commercial establishments, we canít help but feel more challenged because their security requirements are far more extensive, but with our expertise, continuous training and education, and use of the most recent technologies, we are able to deliver according to their needs.

The outcome is what makes us proud: Obtaining good feedbacks and more important receiving calls from repeat clients that also refer us to other prospect customers. Our emergency locksmith services cover issues on car lockouts, lost key, ignition not working, broken car key, trunk lockouts, and many others. Our locksmith technicians will meet you in your location in a few minutes. Because we are located right in Peoria, reaching your destination faster is always a possibility. For inquiries, you may talk to us at (480) 427-0994 and we will be ready to respond to all of them. You have no reason to be scared as we accommodate all kinds of queries regarding locksmith.

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We know how it feels to be locked out especially if you are chilling outside. We know how frustrated you might be right now because you lost your car key and you can't drive home. We know how scared you might be after discovering that someone just broke into your home. We know how fuming you are right at this moment when you found out that the research that you have been working on for a long-time was gone because somebody took your laptop. In all these scenarios, you need someone who can help you, someone who is aware of what to do exactly. So Let us help you in your troubles. Tree Frog Locksmith is at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

When you call us, urgent or not, our locksmith technicians will be immediately dispatched and we guarantee to meet you in 30 minutes or earlier (unless adverse weather condition or unfortunate event will prevent us from doing so) . We charge no call-out fee and others like hidden, consultation, and service estimate. We will only bill you for the Peoria locksmith service itself, but this you can be sure: our rates are within the industry standard. Our Residential Locksmith Services include but not limited to door lock installation, door lock change and repair, window locks installation and repair, and burglary repair. You can also hire us to upgrade the security system in your place by installing high security locks or keyless entry system. Do not hesitate to speak with us today!



Aside from residential, we also provide Peoria locksmith services in the commercial settings like in hospitals, laboratories, software companies, clinics, research firms, and others that keep pricey equipment and products, and highly confidential data. But we can also give assistance even to those small businesses that want to improve their security systems. We can install standard to high security locks magnetic locks, electronic locks, and others. We accept calls for repair and replacement of locks.

Being an organization, you also have to see to it that your security system gets maintained so you will not be caught surprised when an intruder was able to gain entry for the reason that your employee was not able to report the broken door lock. You must also see to it that your building's security measures are updated regularly. This is because thieves also make efforts to keep their strategies in gaining entry up-to-date. You do not want to be behind them when it comes to securing your properties, right? Speaking of security systems, we can setup keyless entry system in your business. We will let you choose from among these data input devices biometrics, keypad, card reader, finger print reader, and others. For a higher level of security, you can also rely on us when it comes to installing and repairing security cameras or CCTVs. Today, these have become a necessity in organizations as these enable them to directly identify culprits. Our locksmith technicians have all the necessary tools and parts to produce an excellent work. We know that can be a lot of things that you want to know and want to clarify. Call our friendly customer support staff so we can assist you.



Owning a car is not all about enjoying your freedom to travel or being able to go to work with convenience and less stress. It is also about spending for gas, insurance, and maintenance. You need to have it checked regularly so you are sure that it will run smoothly and will keep you safe during travel. Aside from these, there will be times when you will also need to call for car locksmith in case of problems. What are the common problems car owners like you encounter? These are only some: lost key, broken key, lockout, and car key stuck in ignition or car door.

From these issues, some vehicle owners thought that they have no choice, but to call their car dealership. They are not aware that locksmith technicians can also help provide solutions and that they can offer assistance at a much lower prices and for a faster time. For instance, when you call us for one Peoria locksmith service like car lockout we can reach you place in only a few minutes. No need to tow your vehicle because as we said, we will be the one to come. After a few minutes, we can already open the car door. If your key is lost, don't worry because it will only take us only a few minutes again to make a new key for you. We do not charge sky-high for this and for our other car locksmith services so expect not to pay a lot.

Customer Testimonials

I needed an emergency locksmith service because of car lockout. I came across Tree Frog Locksmith. I was hesitant because it's an emergency and I have no time to investigate about its credibility, but the website looks professional and the site content is sufficient and informative so I made the decision to hire them. I called them and asked them to go to my location I was in a bar somewhere in the city then when I lost my car key and I can't get inside and drive home. After 10 minutes, they arrived and checked the lock. In a few minutes, the car door opened. They made a new key so I can start the car and it was perfect! I was able to go home. Thanks for the help! You had no idea how scared I was then.

Tree Frog Locksmith has made my being a property manager so easy. When there's something wrong in the building, they offer me help. When tenants asked me for assistance in looking for a locksmith to hire to install or repair their locks, I do not have to think deeply who to refer. I call them and they show up right away. They are consistent in the quality of their work and they have a good attitude when dealing with clients. In case tenants have questions, they gladly entertain them. Their prices are reasonable that the customers/tenants have no complaint. I am proud to be associated with them. I will continue to recommend them even to my friends and family. I am a highly satisfied customer!

I went from an out-of-town vacation. The past two weeks had been superb. However, my joy was replaced by my frustration when I realized that the key to my condo unit was missing! I called Tree Frog Locksmith (they were referred to me by a neighbor) and I did not have to wait for long in the condo lobby because the technician arrived earlier than I expected. He was very courteous and friendly when he introduced himself to me. He immediately opened the door lock to my amazement. No scratch was made to my door (it was expensive so I was kind of nervous while he was performing the job). He already replaced my key with a new one in a matter of minutes. I felt so great! Thanks!