VASI operates a large computer/printer repair service center at its Mathis Avenue facility. Were proud its been designated as an A+ Certified Service Center. Our repair facility and our technicians have passed the tests and posses the skills and training to successfully repair computer systems. A+ certification is based on passing nationally certified professional exams. Our printer technicians are also certified and ready to solve your printer and scanner problems.

We build our own computers and servers (Come in and see The Screamer in action!). We also sell and provide warranty services for most major brands, including Compaq, Dell, Acer, HP, IBM and Sony. VASI is a Microsoft OEM.

We offer quality products and services. Our systems are designed for reliability, performance and quick response. Certified, highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians are the key to quality.

The corporation's leadership adheres to quality management, assurance and control procedures, and operates in accordance with industry standards and best commercial practices. VASI is a member the Manassas and Regional Chambers of Commerce. Were also one of the few licensed Electronic Security Systems companies in Virginia.

Our systems engineers and technicians are our technical edge. Our staff has the knowledge and skills to deliver the results you expect ... and deserve.

VASI delivers superior performance. We offer "same day" and "after hours" support as part of our 24-hour customer service commitment. We deliver cost-effective solutions on time.

Our products and services are fairly and competitively priced. Give us a call, send an email or stop in and ask for a tour. Well be happy to show you how we can keep you connected to your world.

Contact Details

  Person Virginia Systems, Inc
  City Manassas, VA
  Zip Code 20110
  Address 9022 Mathis Ave
  Phone Number (703) 330-8268

Products & Services


VASI is a licensed security company, one of the few IT companies in Virginia that can effectively integrate security and technology for your company's maximum protection. To learn what's best for you, contact VASI for a detailed site survey and quote.

Cameras can monitor internal and external activities, including cash register and receptionist locations, warehouses, loading docks, fuel pump sites and all access doors.

Internet Monitoring
VASI can design a monitoring system that allows you to plug in and check in on your security cameras. Through the Internet, you can watch on your organization's security system from any place you can connect to the Internet.

Emergency Notification
Protect your employees with an Emergency Notification System. Whether you're operating from a 1-story building or a skyscraper, you need to provide your employees with up-to-the-minute information on what to do in case of a national, local and weather emergency. Ask your VASI representative about our Emergency Notification System for the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service. This 14-story project in Alexandria, Virginia, showcases how technology and leading edge hardware can protect employees.

Network Security
Your company's most important assets are its data: financial data; project data; employee data; tax records; proposal files; corporate records; 5-year plans and forecasts, to name a few. VASI is a leader in providing its clients with multi-layered security options. Don't leave your data exposed to hackers and vulnerable to damage. Let VASI show you how to keep your network and your data secure.

From Our Website

From mainframe systems to microcomputers and wireless networks, VASI bring quality engineering services to your technology requirements. If you're not flying across the Internet because your computer is still using dial-up service, you might still be in the Dark Ages. To find out what services are available in your area, call VASI. Our certified and experienced cable/data techs install high-speed Internet access solutions for residential and business clients across the Mid-Atlantic. We install aerials, cable burials, building "wraps" and wall "fishes."