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Comprehensive list of Johnson City, Tennessee based companies offering installation, maintenance and repair of home and business security systems, CCTV & burglar alarms, guard and video surveillance services.

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One of the regions biggest amd most experience security firm. We cover an area from Wytheville, VA to Knoxville,TN. When an emergency at your business or home occurs, you can rest confident that, with your system being monitored, the authorities have already been called and dispatched to the proper location. There, a sophisticated computer decodes the signal.

With advance technology and the absolute finest equipment available we'll secure your premises in a manner that is affordable and effective. A home without a monitored security system is 2-3 times more likely to be burglarized. Over 1.3 million home invasions occurred in 2002.

Murrell Burglar Alarms was established in September of 1963, then known as Murrell Electric Shop. Today Murrell Burglar Alarms another operation of Murrell Technologies L.P provides over 130 years of combined alarm industry experience to each of East Tennessee and parts of Virginia. Murrell Burglar Alarms is fully bonded, licensed and insured.

Farmour Security Service is a wholly held, licensed Tennessee firm est., 1978. We have expanded to be recognized as a leader in the private protective services industry. We provide qualified staff who receive training beyond requirement. Farmour Security Service has made substantial investments in its management staff and support equipment.

Security service combined with UBWEBTV's new 3G IP-CCTV wi-fi 2 way voice, pan, and remote control and IR's for night vision. Motion detection pan & tilt, with ability to be or tie into any alarm system. Operates 6 wireless devices, has alarm inputs & triggers. Can be used with or w/o a security system or as a security system. Any 3G cellphone can operate it. Worlds smallest GPS tracking device with

Locally owned and operated. We are the best online store for all of your home and personal security needs. Visit our website and view some of our featured products such as Taser, stun guns, pepperspray, surveillance cameras, hidden camaeras, nanny cameras, knives, air soft weapons, child guard locators, home and personal alarms amd more. Dont be the 6:00 news story of the day. Protect yourself and

Home security systems from First Response offer you more. We provide a free consultation to assess your security requirements by one of our licensed trained security specialists. First Response of TN specializes in all types of domestic, commercial and individual security, providing a comprehensive line of home safety products to protect you and your family.

A burglary takes place in the U.S. every 14.6 seconds according to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program Crime Clock. Co-founders, Charles Kelly and Robert Kelly have built Liberty Security Systems. located on a strong reputation for outstanding quality and service that is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.